Thursday, November 2, 2017

Toy Soldiers

Editor Kathy Kieth of Medusa's Kitchen published this poem in October.  Thank you again, Kathy!

Creating Toy "Soldiers"

An honest and true account from start to finish.


My father made them when he was a boy.
Made them from liquid lead poured into molds.
My brother and I played with them frequently
for years as we planned our war strategies and our futures.
They were as much a part of our childhood
as any other toys we had.
How brave they were!
We used to imagine the lives that they led,
their names, where they had come from.
We gave them personalities
based on the people we'd met or observed.
So much that we knew about life
was assigned to those toy soldiers.

Like all good soldiers,
they sacrificed themselves for our sake,
as they melted in the house fire of 1979.
They took our place
to burn while the rest of us were away.
I'm glad we saluted them
and thanked them for their service
while we had the chance.

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