Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Sea's Secret Song

Editor Kathy Kieth of Medusa's Kitchen published this poem in October.  Thank you again, Kathy!

Creating "The Sea's Secret Song"

Some people stop to look at cars or motorcycles, a dress on a rack, a new this or that.  I cannot walk past a reef tank without stopping to pay homage to our great seas.


Above the ceiling of tumultuous waves
The free wind whistles across the water.
A silent still stage displays secret sets,
And in the play,
In waters deep, the sea’s choruses begin.

Within the immovable decor of shipwrecks,
Around the history of many strewn across the depths,
The actors hit their marks.
Along the current,
Dance schools of fish-both flashy and colorful.
And which are the tunes to which they dance?
What music accompanies this play in the sea?
The chords of fiddler crabs
The screech of eels
The thump and quick click of crabs
The growl of sharks
And the whales’ songs.

There also are minuscule sea creatures,
streaming as millions of tiny submarines
propelled atop the water sandy bottom.
And around each rise champagne bubbles of air
Which pop with explosive sound
As concomitant stand-ins.
The beauty of the ocean’s quiet secrets,
In harmony with the musical accompaniment of millions,
Rivals the sound of the tallest waves that crash above the sea.
The song of centuries plays on.

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