Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Thank you to Elizabeth Gibson of Now/Then for publishing my poem.



Love covers people as a magic blanket.
It falls into place at the right time,
laying over those who have need
of its enchantment and comfort.
All who feel its warmth
turning from lonely,
sad, cold-hearted sleepers
into wakeful witnesses to life’s joy
by virtue of its miraculous touch.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Thank you to Editor Lanning Russell for including 5 of my poems in Issue 7 of Event Horizon.


Here are 2 of the poems:

Valor Unimpeded

Keep your personal vision bright.
Overlook bitter words from jealous hearts 

whose envy seeps from them
like blood into cloth.
Stay cheered and maintain a confident essence. 

Let anger at those begrudging you be removed. 
They, tangled within their webs of esurience, 
their torment must be considerable.
Be heartened forever;
for if not for your own intrepidness,
you could be them.

Royal Salvation

A smiling face,
within these silver walls,
the newly crowned Queen, 

steps from her dais,
exits out the flung open egress, 

glides along lily strewn paths, 
and comes to meet her King.

Together they visit gardens filled with reason, 
both antiquated and fresh,
to salvage hope,
a chance for peace,

before the world could go dark.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Thank you to Editor Jeanette Cheezum for publishing two of my poems in Cavalcade of Stars.


Her Movie Script
Beyond the heavy wooden door,
my grandmother rocks in her chair.
Her eyes are glued to the opposite wall
where the movie of her life plays out.
If only she could remember
the names of the actors.

Mapping Your Dreams
When told you can’t,
that’s when you surely must.
Each obstacle becomes seemingly
easier to mount,
until all things
are within your grasp,
and you triumph
knowing you can overcome
anything you face.
Live with steely resolve.
Once you’re told you can’t,
then you know you can.
Thank you to Editor Mark Antony Rossi for publishing my poem in Ariel Chart.


Ivory Towers

This is not my first burial.

I used to pray

while wearing painted clothes.

Now I don only dull sin cloth.

All my favors devoured

within the walls of desecrated ivory towers.


not quite elderly,

yet my youth entirely spent.

A mirrored encounter,

my history sung

within the moth-eaten pages of a diary.

Youthful yesterdays bound for discovery

laid out fine and

set on repeat.

Lessons doomed for duplication

throughout all my ages.

For I have yet to absorb

that when all manner of positive things

are finally fulfilled,

all will be returned to me.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Thank you so much to Credo Espoir for publishing "Cousin May" in Issue 3.


Cousin May

I tell St. Peter at the gate,
one of my major regrets is still not atoned.
Now’s the time to make right.

May’s stumble and fall onto the dirt road,
for two children in a car watching through the window,
became banana peel hilarity.
For the adults present and close,
a great cause for concern, of the bloody nose,
staunched by only the greatest effort.

Within a few months, her angel escorts left with her,
never to let her fall again.
She stepped into eternity,
not ever having said an unpleasant word to any,
nor leveling any accusations to them.

Although she did not learn of our transgression,
I must tell her I'm sorry.
This shall be my testimony
to the spiritual evolution of my soul
from one end of my life to the other.

I ask St. Peter at the gate
to please entreat her to come meet me.

Now’s the time to make it right.


Books I’ve read
have brought me many places;
to far off lands,
or just next-door,
another room in the same house.
So many people I have met.
Some I like, some I hate,
some I knew too well,
many I would love to know better.
I've undertaken well-plotted adventures,
felt the throb of a poet’s heart,
solved deep mysteries,
spent time thinking through another's life,
seeing their end and accepting it.

Well placed words, making me laugh, cry, worry, 
fear, champion or scorn.
The best and worst of life laid out

with ebony on ivory.

©Copyright, 2016, Linda Imbler.  All Rights Reserved.