Thursday, November 2, 2017


Editor Kathy Kieth of Medusa's Kitchen published this poem in October.  Thank you again, Kathy!

Creating "Exstasea"

This is a real photo of our almost 18 year old Yellow Tang (also known as a Surgeonfish because of the white scalpels around the tail.)  He does like to play and will respond well to quite a few actions on our part.  Those who have met him know that he likes to preen for an audience and will communicate with all his tricks.  [He has an annual newsletter he publishes for all his "fans" in early December.  They are always creative, always interesting, just like he is]

(The Anthropomorphizing of a Surgeonfish)

A small, yellow king swims back and forth,
in and out, between corals,
surveying his kingdom.
His loyal subjects, the meek hermit crabs
bow at his every passing.
He struts around his watery realm,
checks vegetation, other animal life.
He darts between and behind rocks for amusement,
he imagines himself to be a cowboy,
alternately on each side of the law,
or perhaps a medieval warrior,
using his swords to subdue his enemies.
He enjoys his solitude as the sun rises,
but enjoys an audience at day’s end.
A tomato clown Nori clip tucked in the corner
provides nutrition all afternoon,
a busy, genius mind needs fuel.
Later, he dances with joy and anticipation
as his food cup is filled.
Once a teenager,
he shows the same angst and bravado
displayed by his peers,
yet he takes in stride
sudden storms and loss of light
within his great ocean.
Ongoing, meticulous tank maintenance
is worth every second of effort and care
to maintain the Great One’s domain.
All who meet him smile,
and he is precious
to those with whom he lives.
A source of constant joy,
providing calm and happiness.
May he be as eternal in the physical sense
as he is in his own mind.

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