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Monday, May 10, 2021

 Thank you to Mark Antony Rossi of Ariel Chart  for publishing my two poems in the May issue.

The Meaning Of A Good Life


The manifestations of summer,

so much sunshine and green, green grass,

the glistening of a starry evening.

Bare feet on cool sand or polished hardwood floors.

The thought of the value of my own name,

spoken through friendly lips.

Everyone should have 

their own little paradigm

for living the good life.

Neanderthal Man Dies Out


My life’s timetable supplants the jerk.

Boorish, gruff brawn replaced with sane kindness.

Loutish blame countered by the textured lines

of smoothed manners, while the iron-hearted gloater

is sent to the graveyard of the coarse and 

contemptible, where gardens of truer hearts,

and unflinching dependability bloom,

covering old, unpolished steles.

Unsophisticated discourtesy

Is no longer active, forever dislodged,

as the intrepidness of refinement

becomes the new, joyous state of my affairs.

Saturday, May 8, 2021



Two new additions under the Audio/Visual section on the right side of this blog.

First, the link for my interview with Editor Sam Rose of Peeking Cat Magazine

Sam gives a perfect description of the topics covered during this interview:

"An interview with writer Linda Imbler. We chat about her new book, "Per Quindecim", as well as making guitars, petting intelligent fish, and writing about weird recurring dreams."

The other new link is for the Speaking Cat Open Mic #1.  I share the mic with 3 other talented poets.  I read five of my poems:

Poseidon As Percussionist
Crystal Ships
My Mother's Secret
The Message of Breath


Monday, May 3, 2021

The Horror of Dust

Dustbowl days have found us

with stiff masks, choking, and parched,

for love’s morality. This darkness

threatens us. We seek relief, sustenance

from the deeply rooted grasses torn, displaced,

malefaction is all that is blooming. 

On the still screen the dead lie shriveled-stilled,

a common enough image every day.

There's no tears from the sky, to ease the

furious winds of war. No tears. Eyes seer. On cracked ground

where feed sack skin hangs from skeletal frames

much deprived of the sensible beating

of hearts with hope. Safety and serenity lie as fossils on

barren, infertile land.

Yet, we must still offer prayers for truce; send them to seed the sky, 

with old memory of peaceful footprints, 

even though no longer evident from these vapid eyes, 

before eternal desolation

and the darkness of the dust 

envelops us all and the wind takes us.

Outlaws Revised

Once upon a time,

the knowers knew,

then devotion to the written word

was squelched.

Once used for remembrance,

there was birthed a forbidden bloom of ink,

and truth, as king, was tumbled from the throne.

The tendency for reflection became lost

as we gave over to the inconsequential,

never more imagining our potential.

It’s easier to hold on to today

than to reach for tomorrow.

And with our history lost

in the dark abyss of forgetfulness,

our destiny will be set by others.

And we’ll go where we are taken.

And all the songs you, 

as an individual, now sing 

silently inside the now,

will come to fade.

Without convictions,

we stand as useless cogs

within malicious clocks

as time marches forward.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

 Thank you to Glory Sasikala of GloMag for publishing my poem in the May issue.

Orchard’s Joy

I stand tall within this orchard.

Pecans fall off my branches like raindrops.

I hear below me the cracking and snapping

of the husks caused by many creatures.

I hear animals gathering those dropped brown pearls of wisdom.

They open them like fortune cookies,

and from within them, they hear

nature’s wisdom being broadcast:

Examine everything closely.

Learn from your senses.

Play is a great way to learn.

Turn inward when its your time to die.

The nighttime hides the most secret of facts.

All heed those insights:

The zigzagging deer or coyote,

waddling raccoons,

hopping and skittering mice and red squirrels,

chattering birds,

lumbering cows,

strutting turkeys,

and the ever wandering possum.

I speak to the animals by virtue of my fruits,

and in return, I receive much joy 

from watching them frolic at my feet.

It is the most delightful of exchanges.