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Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Thank you to Stephanie, David, and Jeff at The World Of Myth Magazine for publishing my poem this month.

The Tragedies Of The Last Ice Age
By: Linda Imbler 

Erratic boulders, serpentine eskers, 
the fits and starts of quarantine's dissolution. 
Separately, folks are weathering the glacial age, 
doing their best to escape extinction within the spread, 
as hunter-gatherers of peace and prosperity 
strive to avoid any fall through the ice. 
Successive waves of harsh, bone-chilling 
standpoints and frames of mind 
invade our freedoms. 
Rights and protections as written 
by the language of our elders, 
frozen out, all while disrespecting those heroes 
who never had the luxury of staying in their caves.


Friday, July 23, 2021

 Thank you to Dagmara K and her team at Spillwords for publishing my prose today.


written by: Linda Imbler


I walked into the store feeling perfectly chipper. I was stopped in my tracks by what was in front of me. I reeled out as a blubbering mess. I drove home with gushing, swollen eyes. You see, Walmart had lemons. A huge bin of that brightly colored and small sized fruit.

She had lemons in her fruit basket when we stopped by the house after we buried her only six weeks ago. Five small lemons. That number had not appeared significant then. But today, was it just a coincidence that there had been one for each of us kids? Also, it had occurred to me only yesterday, that isn’t six weeks a reasonable amount of time to begin adjusting to such a loss? I must be on my way to healing.

When life hands us lemons, we are supposed to concoct a pitcher full of what is called lemonade. When death hands us lemons, although they never told us, I guess all we can concoct is a pitcher full of tears.

 Thank you to Agron Shele of Atunis Galaxy for publishing my "what if" poem.

Sweet 16

How would human behavior change

if our life expectancy was significantly decreased 

to the set age of 16?

Would there be greed if a want went beyond basic needs,

knowing full well they can’t take it with them?

We only imagine as adults

that sometimes we have reached another.

In this shorter life, would we finally begin 

to understand each other as only children do?

There would be the same sadness of lost days,

just not as many,

and each reminisce would be just as deeply felt,

at the bend of each year,

as the end draws closer.

Yet, I also imagine

that these children will study shadows

to learn the truth of light,

a wonderful, mystic light 

shining on each kid’s unique ties to others.

And, to childhood’s end,

there would be an unusual intensity of seeing, 

in love itself, a transformational magic

that only the young can create.

Friday, July 16, 2021

 Thank you very much to Strider Marcus Jones of the Lothlorien Poetry Journal for publishing three of my poems today.

A Wash Of Stars


There was a great tremble

in the sky.

What could terror rend?

A wash of stars fell.

Pieces echoing foul tones as they bounced,

but we were too decisively assailed upon

to hold still 

and listen

to the calculated atonal hammering

that assaulted

even the ears of the deaf.


And the new stars gleamed. 

Lazarus, The Refined


The once dead Lazarus

wakes, stands up, steps over

the dull coins that fall from his eyes.

He feels the power of his old death,

which came without warning, 

and supposedly no remedy,

as a dreamy memory.

His awkwardness falls away as the vanishing heaviness,

once laid upon him, becomes forgotten. 


He escapes 

the hazy straitjacket of his passing, 

the ratification of his death is repealed.

He greets Joshua like a friend from the ages. 

When one helps you rise,

it is one’s duty to transform

into a courageous, yet genteel gentleman.

Although even as a corpse,

he behaved quite well.


Snakes In Church


Trying to prove belief,

confident there will be no wounded effect,

each a fortunate recipient of protection of faith

as you spell out all your sins,

and give a fitting commitment, 

expressing penitence to other worthy ears.


Within a bottle of absinthe, something sinister lurks.

Those who partake return with a stranger’s face.

The endless green of liquid jade,

creating a synthesia formed 

from sunlight spilling corona rays as castanets.


Flowing heaven or hell on earth,

from each a power overcomes.

A power to feel something grand,

but too much of either is a dangerous thing.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

 Thank you to all the editors at the marvelously mad publication, Mad Swirl.

They published this poem in their July issue.

Featured Poem

Silver Screen Shots

by  on July 15, 2021 

That sad day when she had no will of her own.
A birthday cake pop-up,
but wearing a mask, wearing a TRUE mask,
troubled in a bikini.

Try screaming louder.
A $700 an hour who?
Leave the earth, after cocaine.
Delete, delete, break your silence.
Flash, flash, she should flash her midriff.

Leather pants, still single, why so sad, why so serious?
An illusion that will not die.
Cozy, cozy, after a terrible fall.

Rent, rent, rent, the world has changed.
One hour before his death,
still no will for the one who raised the bar.

editors note: 

Exeunt icons. Arrive eulogies. – mh clay

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The radio interview I did last night with host Scott Thomas Outlar was so much fun.  You can click on the link on the right-hand side of this page under the heading "Radio" and be taken to the site to listen to the show in its entirety.

This was such a blast. Scott had great questions. I appreciated hearing from the callers. Shout out to Tim who I know was listening. Hope everyone gets a chance to have a listen in the days to come. Much gratitude to all.

Sunday, July 11, 2021


Thank you to Soma Publishing for this beautiful ad about my guesting on Songs of Selah with the amazing Scott Thomas Outlar on Monday, July 12th at 6p.m. EST.